10 reasons you know it’s back-to-school time

The endless days of summer are, well, ending – you’ve had lazy days, busy days, days with friends and, if we’re honest, some days of sheer boredom. Here are our top 10 signs that the first day of term is imminent.

1. You’ve been on a frenzied shopping spree for school goodies

Pens, pencils, protractors, calculators, glue sticks, weird rubber things to go on the ends of pencils… and then it’s all mysteriously disappeared by October half term.


Photo by: Faruk Ateş

2. You’re up all night sewing on labels

Seriously, give yourself a break and get the stick-on kind. They’ll have grown out of everything by Christmas anyway.


Photo by: Br3nda

3. You’ve had a sense of humour failure in the shoe shop

Ticket dispensers (otherwise there would definitely be a punch-up over who’s next), wailing toddlers, sulky boys who only want the trainer-type shoes with flashing lights in the heel, and tearful girls who are desperate for a sparkly slip-on. But you did it, and you survived!


Photo by: Glenn Beltz

4. You’ve reinstated a decent bedtime

Those long summer days inevitably lead to later nights for everyone. All fine when you don’t have to get out of your onesie before noon, but not great when they’ve got to catch the school bus at the crack of dawn. So you know you’re heading towards back-to-school day when you’re packing them off after John Craven’s Newsround.


Photo by: Lars Plougmann

5. Your child is having meltdowns for no reason

Especially if it’s the first day of ‘Big School’ or starting a new school, your child will probably be feeling anxious. Help them by being positive and upbeat and reminding them about all the great things they will be doing, perhaps even talking about your own memories of being at school, such as best friends and favourite teachers.


Photo by: Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

6. You’re having meltdowns for no reason

You’re most likely even more worried than your child. Will they cope in a bigger school? Will they make friends? Who will they sit next to at lunchtime? How much homework will they get? Just make sure you and your child are prepared, wave them goodbye and look forward to hearing about their day.


Photo by: eyeliam

7. You can’t stop giving your pre-schooler big hugs

It’s a big deal when your ‘baby’ goes to school – one minute they are potty training and the next they’re heading off with shiny shoes and a pencil case. Chances are you are going to be feeling emotional. But alongside the lump in your throat is pride – your children are taking the first steps to independence and reaching a monumental milestone. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to take a photo of them in their ‘room for growing’ uniform.


Photo by: Richard Gillin

8. The kids are bored

They’ve been on holiday, camped out in the garden, had days out to the farm/zoo/theme park/museum/donkey sanctuary, baked, made a Minecraft village out of cereal boxes, broken the Xbox controllers, tortured ants, put on a play, made friendship bracelets, kicked all the footballs into next door’s garden…and now they’re bored.


Photo by: Angel Breton

9. You’re feeling just a tiny bit gleeful

After the endless weeks of military planning of childcare if you’re a working mum, or wracking your brains for yet another cheap day out if you’re not, you’ll finally get some ‘me time’.


Photo by: Ralph Unden

10. You’ve started planning ahead

Christmas countdown anyone?


Time to go shopping?

Get the kids kitted out with everything they need in their school bags with Sainsbury’s great stationery range.

Main photo by: Nick Amoscato