3 deliciously organic dishes by Sainsbury’s bloggers

Every year, Britain’s organic movement encourages people all over the country to take a fresh look at what they eat. This year, we’re celebrating Organic September with these tasty recipes created by Sainsbury’s food lovers, and some of our own Kids and family recipes, showcasing our delicious Sainsbury’s SO organic ingredients.

1. Grilled chicken and bacon salad with croutons and avocado dressing

Grilled chicken and bacon salad with croutons and avocado dressing recipe

This hearty salad from food-lover Annie of Annie’s Noms website is packed with different tastes and textures.

The wonderful flavours of grilled chicken and bacon combine beautifully with a delicious avocado dressing and crunchy croutons. Fresh tomatoes add colour and sweetness to contrast with the peppery salad leaves.

“Making the avocado dressing is a breeze,” says Annie. “Just put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz. Croutons are also incredibly easy to make and the perfect way to use up day-old bread.”

Full of flavour and easy to put together, this is one salad that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

See this delicious recipe in full on anniesnoms.com

2. Spicy pork sausage and tomato spaghetti bake

 Spicy pork sausage and tomato spaghetti bake recipe

As the nights begin to draw in, something filling is the order of the day, and this pasta bake from Anne at Anne’s Kitchen fits the bill perfectly.

“I’ve always loved experimenting with pasta bakes and recently started trying out baked spaghetti dishes,” says Anne. “The slight crunch on top is always the best bit that everyone ends up fighting over!”

Made using Sainsbury’s SO organic spaghetti, passata and sausages, this dish is comfort food at its best. Anne’s top tip is to cook the sausages until they’re nicely browned, while the pasta is boiling away. That way, their lovely caramelised finish will flavour the spicy tomato sauce. Top with mozzarella and you’re done.

See the full recipe at Anne’s Kitchen

3. Sweet potato, mushroom, spinach & black bean casserole

Sweet potato, mushroom, spinach & black bean casserole recipe

Ali, who blogs at overacuppa.co.uk wanted to find out whether it’s possible to eat organically on a budget. She developed this tasty recipe which feeds 4 people at a cost of £1.84 per portion.

Using Sainsbury’s SO organic sweet potatoes, black beans, chestnut mushrooms and spinach, Ali created this simple dish bursting with flavour.

“For me, this dish shouts ‘delicious and good for you’ so much that you can’t help but feel a sense of well-being after eating it,” says Ali.
“Its smoky flavours and vibrant colours will tempt even the biggest meat-eater to try this vegetarian dish!”

The beauty of this recipe is that you can cook it up in one pot, and bring it straight to the table to serve. Delicious.

See the full recipe at overacuppa.co.uk

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If all these recipes have got your tastebuds tingling, why not  find out more about our farmers and try our tasty organic recipes?