9 food bands that we wish existed

Ever noticed how many bands’ and artists’ names sound a little like food? You haven’t? OK, allow us to enlighten you with our nine favourites – just in time for festival season.

1. Bruce Spring Greens

The Boss of five-a-day.

bruce springgreens_cropped

Photograph: Flickr / YangChen

2. Briehanna

‘Pon the cheeseboard.


3. Madonna Kebab

After a night of voguing.


4. Lasagne Del Rey

Because she’s multi-layered.


Photograph: Flickr / cyclonebill

5. Kaley Minogue

Wholesome, just like the pop princess.


Photograph: Flickr / Nick Saltmarsh

6. Demi Tomato

Because we all see red sometimes, right?


Photograph: Flickr / the_ewan

 7. Mumford & Buns

And their trusty bunjos.


Photograph: Flickr / jeffreyw

8. Gwen Salami

Did someone say vegan?


Photograph: Flickr / Didriks

9. Bread Sheeran

And his incredible rise to fame.

3-Day Sourdough

Photograph: Flickr / Steph

Get set for the summer