9 super fun recipes to get messy with

Without a doubt, when you cook with your kids, it’s going to get messy in the kitchen. These nine recipes will require you to get your hands dirty and are sure to be ones the kids will love to eat afterwards, too.

1. Smiley cakes

The kids are sure to love getting sticky, stained fingers while decorating their own smiley faces with these yummy cakes. See recipe for Smiley cakes.


2. Marshmallow chocolate traybake

Bring the campfire in with this gooey marshmallow traybake. The kids will love to make this on a rainy day indoors. See recipe for Marshmallow chocolate traybake.


3. Peanut butter and blueberry snack squares

Get your kids to press this delicious sticky mixture into the tin trays before baking. While you use up your cupboard ingredients to make this simple afternoon treat. See recipe for Peanut butter and blueberry snack squares.


4. Nutty knickerbocker glory

Get your kids to pile up layers of fruit, jelly, meringue and ice-cream for this deliciously messy treat. See recipe for Nutty knickerbocker glory.


5. Sweet skewers with chocolate sauce

While these skewers are easy-to-make , they are high on the messy scale. The kids are sure to get sticky fingers from dipping this fruit, marshmallow and cake skewers in delicious chocolate sauce. See recipe for Sweet skewers with chocolate sauce.


6. Margherita pizza

Your kitchen will become a messy pizzeria whilst making this homemade recipe. The kids in turn, will really enjoy the simple flavours of this cheesy pizza, too. See recipe for Margherita pizza.


7. Chocolate crispy mountains

With melted milk chocolate, rice pops and Smarties, this recipe requires just a few ingredients so perfect to make with your little ones. See recipe for Chocolate crispy mountains.


8. Wiggly caterpillar buns

Baking will become more fun with these caterpillar-shaped buns the kids will love to make. See recipe for Wiggly caterpillar buns.


9. Meatball sloppy joes

Like the name suggests, this version of an American classic is suitably messy. Your kids will like making the meatball patties and using the bread to eat up the delicious sauce afterwards. See recipe for Meatball sloppy joes.


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Main image: Flickr / Oleg Shpyrko