Live Well For Less

It’s been 150 years since we first promised our customers great quality at fair prices. Our promise to help everyone live well for less stays the same today.

And we know living well for less isn’t easy, so we’ll keep finding new ways to save you time, money and hassle.

Here are some of the ways we’re helping…

Fair prices for the things you need 

Sainsbury's groceries

Eating and living well shouldn’t cost the earth. We’ve put thousands of everyday low prices on regular products so you can get what you need when you need it without having to wait for promotions and offers.

Twist your food routine

pizza with a twist of houmous

If you’d like to jazz-up your mid-week meals we’ve got plenty of food ideas for you to try.

Just take the meals you love, give them a little twist and you’ll be soon rustling up something a bit more special any day of the week. Like a spag’ bol with olives on Wednesday, or a sausage stew with pesto on Tuesday.

Waste less, Save more

Leftovers aren’t just for Boxing Day.

We want to help you waste less food and save money all year round to help you get the most from your food shopping.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference, like storing potatoes in a cool dark place (not in the fridge) as it makes them last longer, or grate your cheese and freeze it to cook with later.

We’ve invested £1 million in the town of Swadlincote, so they can cut their food waste by 50%. Reaching this goal would mean the average home in Swadlincote would see their food waste bill fall from £700 to £350 a year. Imagine, if we all start doing the same across the UK, we could potentially save over £9 billion together.

Keep our kids moving

Active kids

In 2005 we started Active Kids to help UK schools and clubs to get sporty and start cooking.

Every year we give away free sports equipment, activities and cooking kits to make a difference, so more children can eat well, move well and live well.

Changing rooms?

homewares from home ideas

Whether you’re a keen cook or simply love to entertain, we’ve created the perfect pieces – from colourful dining ware to practical kitchen basics to help you refresh your look.

These are all at fair prices helping you make the changes without having to scrimp on other things.

Live well for less everyday

asparagus and chilli feta

We’ll never compromise on quality. We’re not saying we’ll always be cheaper than other supermarkets, but it’ll cost less than you thought at Sainsbury’s.

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