Red Nose Day 2015

Thank you for supporting Red Nose Day, you really did make a big difference in helping to change lives forever by helping to raise over £11.5 million pounds this year!

The money raised is spent by Comic Relief right here in the UK, and across Africa, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people to turn their lives around.

Red Nose Day was on Friday 13 March and there were loads of ways you could of got involved. The simplest way was to buy a Red Nose and put it on, and there was also an awesome range of official Red Nose Day merchandise!

Since our partnership with Comic Relief 1999 and with your help we’ve raised over a billion pounds.

Thank you.

Meet the Red Noses

Make your face funny for money with one of our nine noses! Who Nose which characters did you get in the surprise bags?

Red Noses

Official Red Nose Day merchandise

sadly all the official merchandise is now sold out, but they will be back for Red nose Day 2017. You could have picked up any of the official Red Nose Day goodies in-store and online from brollies to pin badges. All the profits go straight to Comic Relief. Yay!

Red Nose Day Merchandise

Get Involved

There were loads of other ways you could’ve fundraised for Red Nose Day. Did you make your face funny for money or did you can round up your bill at the checkout, or whipped up some baked goodies for a cake sale, or bought some participating brands?

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Where does the money go

Comic Relief spends the money raised from Red Nose Day to transform lives, across Africa and here at home.

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Still need to pay in your money? You can do it directly on the Comic Relief Website.

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