Advanced hair hacks for girls

Looking for the next kid-approved hairstyle for your girl is a challenge in itself but finding one that doesn’t add to the rush of the school mornings can be tough.

Keep it fun and interesting with these advanced hair hacks that are actually quite simples once you get the hang of it.

Three braids

For a cute hairstyle that keeps hair out of the face, try this simple idea. Start by parting the hair and dividing into three sections.

Take the first section and braid by pulling even strands into the main braid (known as a French plait) and finish so that the plaited section is in line with the side of the face, then tie a hairband to secure.

Repeat for the remaining two sections.

The fishtail

Start by gathering the hair into a ponytail, tying at the crown of the head and splitting it into two even sections.

Take a small section from one side’s outer edge, cross it over to the opposite side, overlapping like a classic braid.

Repeat on the other side and continue overlapping pieces to the end of the ponytail

Secure with a band at the end and for a more carefree look, gently pull the plait outwards to loosen it.

For simple styles that won’t tip you into the late zone, try these super-quick hair hacks for girls.