Brand Match has ended

Brand Match has ended

We’ve ended Brand Match to bring you lower prices

Brand Match ended on 26 April 2016

Why has Brand Match ended?

We talked to customers around the country.  And they told us that having lower regular prices across the store was more important than Brand Match.

We believe in clear, simple pricing and over the past 18 months we’ve been lowering regular prices on thousands of products, removing price promotions like fractions and percentages and reducing the number of multibuys.

Will I still get good value?

By ending Brand Match, we are now investing more in what you tell us matters.

We’re putting the money we used to spend on Brand Match towards lower regular prices on our products. And we’ll continue to monitor our prices on brands to make sure we stay competitive.

Can I still redeem my Brand Match coupon?

No. All coupons had to be redeem on or before 26 April 2016.

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