Buying British

Lots of our everyday food, like fresh chicken, fresh pork, eggs and milk are always 100% UK sourced. So you can buy British ingredients more often without having to think about it.

We’ve been supporting British farmers for over 140 years and currently work with around 4,500 of them across the UK. It means we can bring you the very best food Britain has to offer from local producers.

Sarah Ellis – Head of Corporate Responsibility

What’s British in store?

It’s easy to choose high-quality, great-value British ingredients whenever you shop with us. That’s because we’ve worked closely with British farmers for over 140 years and believe the British countryside offers some of the best food in the world. Look out for the ‘A Taste of Britain’ logo instore.

  • Our milk.
  • Our fresh egg, which are all from cage-free British hens.
  • The potatoes in our own-label crisps.
  • Our fresh chicken.
  • Our breaded  and roast chicken.  All of the chicken in our fresh ready meals, pies , pizza topping, quiches and soups  (except continental meats).
  • The meat in our fresh sausages and on our fresh counters.
  • Our fresh beef and chicken ready meals.
  • The meat used in Sainsbury’s Café meals.
  • Our fresh turkey and duck.
  • Our  fresh pork, ham and sausages.
  • Our fresh and smoked farmed salmon.
  • The milk in our own-label cream, dairy ice cream tubs, butter and block cheddar (except when it’s clearly labelled).

A fair price

We pay a fair price to our British dairy farmers which is directly linked to the cost of producing our by Sainsbury’s fresh milk.

Read more about fair pricing for British dairy farmers


Here’s how we’re doing it…

Information on British produce