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Sainsbury’s Fairtrade bananas: pick of
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As well as being the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade products, we were one of the first supermarkets to switch to selling 100% Fairtrade bananas back in 2007. Nowadays we sell an incredible 650 million Fairtrade bananas a year – that’s 1,200 every minute. When you buy our Fairtrade bananas, you’re supporting growers all around the world to get a fair price for their crop, in addition to a Fairtrade Premium to fund local community projects.

Sainsbury's Fairtrade bananas

We source our Fairtrade bananas from farmers in Central & South America, the Caribbean and West Africa. Fairtrade premiums are crucial to many smallholder farmers and workers who would otherwise see their livelihoods threatened by global competition.

Our Colombian banana farmers

Colombia is currently our largest volume producer of Fairtrade bananas. We work with four small farmer cooperatives in the Magdalena region, three worker cooperatives in Urabá plus several plantations in the Urabá region. Fairtrade helps to support local housing projects, education and healthcare.

Making a difference

Banana farm worker

Help with housing

At one of the farms supplying our Fairtrade bananas, Bananera Miriam Amparo, part of the Fairtrade Premium is used to provide low-interest loans for workers to purchase or improve their homes. In 2014, a survey found that although the workers had been attached to the farm for many years, they had not had the opportunity to access credit which would allow to them to buy their own homes. In response, Finca Miriam Amparo decided to institute a low interest loans scheme. This program has dramatically improved the quality of life for employees who otherwise could not have achieved their dream of home ownership.

Education for the future

Workers on Fairtrade certified plantations have also chosen to spend the Fairtrade premiums in improving educational opportunities for themselves and their families, such as technical studies, professional or university careers through providing scholarships, bursaries and educational resources.

Protecting the planet

Protecting the environment is one of the key Fairtrade Standards that farmers follow. For example, in the Uraba region, the farmers support the environment through aiding reforestation, recycling waste and educating local people about environmental issues amongst the community. In the Magdalena region, the Fairtrade Premium has been used to support an extensive, on-going environmental strategy which includes frequent assessments of water and soil on smallholdings as well as the removal of chemical-soaked bags at the Coomulbanano producer organisation.

For more information about Fairtrade, visit fairtrade.org.uk

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