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Wake up to Fairtrade coffee at Sainsbury’s

We’re proud that since 2009, all our own label roast and ground coffee has been 100% Fairtrade. We source coffee from countries across Africa and South America. As a result, Fairtrade Premiums are now benefiting thousands of farmers, their families and communities in these countries every year.

Sainsbury's Fairtrade coffee

Whether you like your coffee strong or mellow, buying Fairtrade coffee at Sainsbury’s means you can help make a big difference to people’s lives. Farmers receive a fair price and a Fairtrade Premium so they’re able to make a fair profit and earn a sustainable income.

Making a difference

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Our Fairtrade coffee from Colombia

After years of political turmoil in the Quinchia region of Colombia, farmers are finally receiving a sustainable income thanks to Fairtrade – and support from Sainsbury’s, our suppliers and you.

The local growers’ cooperative, APECAFEQ, was Fairtrade certified in 1995 and now represents 461 farmers from around Quinchia. The cooperative has made it simpler for local farmers to rent business facilities to run their operations and to buy roasting equipment. So, they can sell their coffee to the local community, in the café run by APECAFEQ.

The cooperative have also invested in drying patios and green houses which helps to uniformly dry the coffee, giving a better quality final product.

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For more information about Fairtrade, visit fairtrade.org.uk

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