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Buying Fairtrade flowers can make a real difference to people’s lives. The Fairtrade premium earned by our growers and their workers is invested in their local communities. Projects funded by Fairtrade premiums include supporting the construction of a new women’s hospital in Naivasha and providing safe drinking water to local communities in Kenya.


Safe drinking water storage unit

Working together

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By working closely with farmers we can ensure that the flowers they grow are of the highest quality – and that their local communities and employees benefit from the trade in Fairtrade flowers.

Meet our growers


Ravine Roses

This farm in Eldama Ravine employs over 1000 workers to grow, pick and pack its elegant flowers.

The Fairtrade Premium at Ravine Roses has supported a microfinance initiative that provide workers with interest-free loans for school fees, allowing students to join schools in the area, without threatening the worker’s financial security. Approximately 85% of the workers have already benefitted from this.

The Premium has also funded the construction of a number of facilities in the areas schools, including classrooms serving more than 550 students, an 80 seat library, a science laboratory and a boy’s dormitory.

The Premium has also been used to ensure all workers have access to clean and safe water, and the construction of a water tank has already provided clean water to 500 households in the community.

Primarosa Flowers

The workers here produce and export over 40 million roses a year. The Fairtrade Premium funds projects to support education and healthcare.

Recent projects include the vaccination of all workers against typhoid. The Premium has also funded screenings for some cancers and financially supports the treatment of those workers suffering with these cancers. There’s also a microfinance initiative set up here using the income from the Fairtrade Premium. This has allowed workers to start or improve their small-scale enterprises, pay for school-fees or take out loans to use on house improvements for example.

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