Gogglebox stars transform into animated characters in the style of Sainsbury’s Christmas TV advert

This Christmas, fans of the hit TV show Gogglebox on Channel 4 – the reality series featuring real families around the UK critiquing the latest television programmes from the comfort of their own sofas – are in for a surprise.

Gogglebox sainsburys Christmas 2016

During the first ad break of Friday’s show on the 18 November, we aired the second instalment of our ‘Greatest Gift’ advert. The new advert continues the story of Dave and other characters, enjoying some of our delicious Christmas food.

Later in the show, during the second ad break, a rather special metamorphosis takes place. So keep your eyes peeled…

See the characters magically transform

Three genuine Gogglebox households (Jenny and Lee, Giles and Mary and Stephen and Chris) are watching both of our Christmas adverts. But as the chatting continues, reality blends with stop-motion as the Googlebox stars become part of Sainsbury’s Christmas world.

Gogglebox Sainsburys Christmas 2016

How we made it happen

The break was created, filmed and edited in partnership with Gogglebox creators’ Studio Lambert, with the stop-motion elements being produced by the talented team at Passion, responsible for our Christmas campaign.

Tanya Alexander, creator and Executive Producer of Gogglebox said, “The cast involved thoroughly enjoyed the filming and making of the ad – it’s not difficult when there’s a universal love amongst our cast for good food to look at! From my point of view it’s instantly recognisable as a Gogglebox moment but with something uniquely special on top.”

Watch the behind the scenes of the making of our TV advert.