Healthier family recipes

Clever tips for planning your meals, cooking and shopping healthier and cutting back on salt will have your whole family eating better.

Feed your family

Chicken pie

Topped with filo rather than puff pastry, this broccoli and chicken pie is easy to make on a weeknight and a healthier alternative to traditional pies.

Make sure your family eats healthier by using these simple tips for shopping and cooking:

1. Swap salt for flavour

Reduce salt in your cooking, using herbs for flavour instead, or add lime and grated ginger to liven up stir-fries. Buy sauced, condiments and canned vegetables labelled ‘no added salt’ or ‘reduced salt’ for a healthier option.

2. Keep it colourful

Keep plates looking vibrant with a mix of coloured vegetables. For a splash of red, use sliced bell peppers or chopped herbs for a colourful finish.

3. Plan your meals

Base your shopping list around a meal plan to keep your diet varied and cut out impulse buys.

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4. Use less oil in cooking

Help your family cut back on how much fat they eat by grilling or steaming meat and fish instead of roasting. Use an oil spray for frying, and invest in a non-stick frying pan so you can use less oil.

5. Snack healthier

Swap a chocolate bar for a chocolate-coated rice cake. Choose snacks that are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, not just calories. Try these healthier snack ideas..

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Do you drink enough water?

Test this by pinching the back of your hand. Your skin should snap back into place. If it’s slow to do so, you’re probably dehydrated. Keep healthier and hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses (1.2 litres) of fluids every day.

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