Healthier kids recipes

muPick up tricks for midweek meals and make weekend treats healthier for your kids. They’ll love easy banana ice-cream and our sneaky sausage rolls…

Broccoli, sweetcorn & bacon macaroni

Midweek tips

  • These useful kids’ lunchbox ideas are great for school days. Have a go at these quick ham & cheese pinwheels.
  • Cut sandwiches into shapes using biscuit cutters, or turn cheese, veg and fruit into stars, hearts or animal characters that appeal to younger kids.

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Secret way to 5-a-day

Healthier muffins

Easy ways to eat 5-a-day

Weekend Treats

Orange, passionfruit & mango smoothie recipe

  • Freeze ripe bananas and blitz for silky smooth banana ice-cream. Add a little peanut butter or trickle of honey for extra texture and flavour.
  • Tropical fruit kebabs will get kids eating their 5 a day. Just spear tinned pineapple chunks, fresh grapes or seasonal fruit onto skewers.
  • For quick-fix, healthier treats when the whole family is on the move, pack yogurt tubes or basics oat and raisin cereal bars.

How to snack healthier

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Cut back on salt


More than 75% of the salt we consume comes from processed foods. Choose sandwich fillings with less salt, such as chicken or tuna, and replace salty crisps with reduced-salt snacks.

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