Healthier recipes

Try our delicious healthier recipes and clever snacking tips for all the family. You’ll find ideas for cooking on a budget that are kind on your pocket, as well as your body.

1. Eat Healthier On A Budget

Banana bread

Eating healthier foods doesn’t have to be expensive. With these clever tips and ideas for shopping and cooking, as well as more information on our basics range, you can cook healthier food and stick to your budget.

Try this tasty Nutty topped banana bread recipe.

 2. Healthier Family Recipes

Curried chicken pie

Find out the secrets of cooking healthier family meals by cutting back on fat and salt but not compromising on flavour. Take an easier route to help  keep your family healthy, and plan for the week ahead.

Try this Curried chicken pie for supper.

3. Healthier kids’ recipes

Broccoli, sweetcorn & bacon macaroni

Discover tricks for kid friendly midweek meals and healthier weekend treats. They’ll love easy banana ice-cream and tropical fruit kebabs, and you can save time with our quick-fix healthier snacks.

Try this for the kids Macaroni with a twist.

4. Healthier Snacks

Mini veggie pizzas

Snacking can be good for you – and it’s an easy way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet. Get inspired with these recipes, tips and ideas for tastier, healthier snacks.

Give deep pan pizza a miss and try this healthier French bread version.

5. Vegetarian Recipes

Morroccan spiced vegetables

Whether you’re looking for a meat-free alternative or cooking for a vegetarian, give these recipes a go.

Try this Morroccan spiced vegetables recipe for a change.

6. Allergy Recipes


Whether you’re looking for a gluten or wheat free idea, give these recipes a go.

Try our allergy recipes