How to boss Christmas wrapping better than Santa this year

Wrapping, décor and handmade cards – We’ll show you 3 ways how to boss Christmas better than Santa this year and make this your Christmasiest of Christmases yet!

1. Wrapping: How to tackle the trickiest of shapes

Follow our step-by-step guides to Christmas wrapping annoying shapes like bottles, mugs, soft toys and snow globes. Finally, branch out from box shapes this year and wow them with these wrapping ideas.

How to wrap a giant cuddly toy

How to wrap a mug

How to wrap a snow globe

How to wrap a bottle

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Take a look at our wrapping and tags in store or online. 

2. Christmas decorations

Wrapping’s sorted, what décor theme are you going to go for this year?

We’ve got some super cute and very affordable decorations to make your home festive, here are some ideas to get you started.

Christmas table settings

No one will judge you for going a bit elaborate with your décor at Christmas. So go to town with matching pieces and an eye-catching centerpiece with plenty of light and shimmer.

Christmas table decorations

Christmas tree decorations

Start your tree with a colour theme to help focus your choices and work from there. Consider how the colours work with the rest of the room. Mix up shapes and sizes of baubles and make sure they’re evenly balanced for a neat finish.

Christmas decorations

Be inspired with our Christmas decorations and festive décor collection.

Window ledge decorations

Turn an anonymous windowsill into a festive scene with a few festive bits and pieces. Use evergreen foliage like holly or Christmas tree off-cuts to fill in the gaps. To show your festive spirit to passers-by.

window ledge decorations

3. Homemade Christmas cards

Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to spend quality time with the family, here are a few super simple ideas to get you started.

Create your own Christmas tree card

Draw a Christmas tree on a piece of coloured card, and use glue to stick on sweet wrappers and tin foil on the tree to create shiny and shimmery decorations. You can even use real tinsel cut into small sections for extra Christmas sparkle.

Frosty the Snowman

Make a stand-up 3D card by a cut down to size kitchen roll tube covered in cotton wool . Use pipe cleaners for arms, and buttons and coloured cardboard for the face. You can even use black cardboard to make a top hat!

White Christmas

Make a card using dark coloured cardboard for the background. Take a square sheet of white paper, fold into quarters and cut out some shapes to make a cut-out paper snowflake. Stick this onto the card with some glue, and add plenty of silver glitter.

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