Make your own stop-motion Christmas story

How to make your own film

Make your own stop-motion Christmas story with the Sainsbury’s Story Studio app & animation kit

Ever wanted to make your own film? This year, sit in the Director’s Chair and create your very own stop-motion Christmas film on your phone with the Sainsbury’s ‘Greatest Gift’ Animation kit, £5 (with a £2 donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital).

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The Greatest Gift

The kit includes ready-made film sets and a full cast of fun characters, including toy designer Dave and his family.

The film kit

Bring them to life using a wide range of props, ready-made sets and lots of top tips and valuable instructions from the Director’s Handbook.

The Animation kit has a set of cut out gingerbread people for you to get started with simple animations.

With step-by-step instructions and all the tools and tips you need, you’ll be producing Christmas blockbusters in no time.

Bring your imagination to life

The Director’s Handbook tells you everything you need to know about making stop-frame animation from start to finish. You’ll learn how to create interesting characters, how to decide what type of stories to create and develop a captivating storyline and (importantly) how to get the best camera shots.

props from the film kit

Will you make a romantic Christmas comedy, or an action thriller? Will your film be set in outer space, or in the rolling hills of the countryside? It could take place on a desert island, or in a big spooky mansion. Or it could just be in your living room with your family at Christmas.

Who will the lead be? Dave, the loveable toy designer dad; Laurence, his alien-loving son; or Anya, Laurence’s older sister, who loves dancing and singing? Or will you invent your own characters? Will they play the hero or the villain?

Lights, camera, action

The greatest gift create your own film on your phone

Once you have your storyline, you’ve cast the main actors and you’re all set for action, all you need to do is download the Sainsbury’s Story Studio app and get snapping.

Get the app

With the Sainsbury’s Story Studio app you can add text to your film, set the pace – will it be fast or slow? – and you can even select your film soundtrack, which you can choose from a library of music and sound effects in the app.

If you can’t find the effect you want, try making the sound with your voice or using everyday objects and record it using the app!

Get creative

You can also use the colour filters to change the mood of your film. If you’re shooting a detective story you could make the whole film black and white.

If you’re making a film set in a different world, you could add a coloured tint to make everything look alien. Match the mood to the characters’ personalities for greater impact.

And adding titles and credits will give your animation the professional touch. If you’re feeling super creative you could even try animating individual letters using fridge magnets, or cutting out newspaper and magazine headlines.

It’s a wrap!

You never know, you could even be the next Steven Spielberg.

Get inspired watch our Christmas TV advert.

Download the app for IOS or for Android.


Get your animation kit in store or online While stocks last, £5 with £2 of every sale is donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.