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Improving child literacy in the UK with Save the Children

If you have a favourite childhood storybook – maybe one that you remember hearing over and over again at bedtime, or the first book you read in class at school – you’ll know that reading can give children access to a whole universe of imagination and wonder, particularly at Christmas.

Whilst picking up a book and delving into a good story is something many of us take for granted, tens of thousands of children in the UK leave primary school each year unable to read as well as they should. This issue affects one third of all children growing up in poverty and the impact of this on their life chances and future potential is likely to be dramatic. It’s a nationwide problem and one that affects everyone.

What’s being done?

Through their literacy initiatives Save the Children is working hard to address the issue. They are also a founding member of the national reading campaign Read On. Get On., which aims to ensure that, by 2025, every child in the UK leaves primary school able to read well.

Save the Children’s commitment to providing all children with a brighter future is something we feel extremely passionate about and we are delighted that we can support them through our Christmas campaign this year.

Child reading a book

Credit: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children

Sharing the joy of reading this Christmas

We, along with Judith Kerr and HarperCollins Children’s Books donated every single penny of profit from the sale of the ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ book during Christmas 2015 to Save the Children to be used towards supporting their literacy work in the UK and the Read On. Get On. campaign of which they are a founder. We hope our customers enjoy reading this new Christmas story by Judith Kerr and we thank them for contributing towards this very special cause.

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More on the Save the Children programmes that the donations will support

Born to Read

Born to Read is a volunteering programme which offers one-to-one reading support for children who are falling behind with their reading. The programme places trained volunteers in local primary schools across the country and to date they have helped 4,386 children through the support of 903 reading helpers.

Working closely with teachers, the volunteers spend 30 minutes, twice a week for an academic year, playing games and reading with the children. The programme not only helps to improve children’s literacy but also helps to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Boy reading The Dinosaur Games book

Credit: Tom Price / Save the Children

Families and Schools Together (FAST)

FAST supports families by running support and learning sessions outside of the classroom to provide children with the emotional and academic support they need to fulfill their potential at school.

To date FAST has worked with over 25,000 children and 12,000 families across the country helping children to come to school ready to learn and enabling parents to feel more confident and skilled in supporting their children’s education and development.

Teacher with young children looking at picture cards

Credit: Magda Rakita / Save the Children

Read On. Get On.

By 2025 1.5 million children in England will have left primary school unable to read well. Read On. Get On. brings together a coalition of charities, businesses and individuals with a mission to change this for good and make sure every child in the UK is a confident reader.

The campaign supports and encourages parents to help them develop their children’s language and reading skills. They’ve also successfully secured support for their mission in cross-party manifestos. Their ambition for the future is that early child development and reading is made fun and accessible for children and that schools, parents, families and communities have the resources, skills and support they need to ensure that all children leave primary school with the reading skills they need to succeed.

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