Know your tomatoes

Whether you like them cooked, raw, as part of a salad or in a sauce, tomatoes are a staple ingredient of so many delicious home-cooked meals. But if you tend to go for a one-size-fits-all approach to the juicy veg, you could be missing out on some even tastier opportunities.

Here’s our mini guide to all the delicious varieties available to you, and how best to use them.

Cherry tomatoes

Sainsbury Taste the difference Cheery vine tomatoes

Small and round but full of flavour. Cherry tomatoes are extremely versatile. They come in a range of colours – why not try our best of British pack which features our fantastic Vittoria along with a truly scrumptious yellow cherry.

best of British tomato tarts

tomato and mint salad

 Best of British tomato tarts

Flaky pastry, soft savoury egg custard and juicy tomatoes all in each bite – what more could you want?

Vittoria tomato and mint salad

Fresh mint and lemon zest make this the most summery salad you could possible make.



Baby Plum tomatoes

taste the difference baby plum tomatoes

Small and oval in shape baby plum tomatoes are the perfect healthy snack. They are firmer than cherry and therefore ideal for lunch boxes, and picnics. Deliciously sweet they are often a firm kids favourite. Look out for our new snacking line in our local stores perfect for when you are on the go.

Pomodorino-PizzaPomodorino Tomato Pizza

With a double tomato twist, this homemade Pomodorino pizza is better than a takeaway.


warm tomato saladWarm Pomodorino Tomato Salad

Parma ham, pine nuts and panfried tomatoes make one heck of a salad.


Midi Plum

taste the difference plum vine tomatos

The mid-size member of the plum family these tomatoes are perfect for roasting, and bbq’s. Naturally sweet they are always a family favourite look out for our new roasting packs in stores.

roasted sundream tomatos

Roasting Sundream 

Simple yet scrumptious, roasting these Sundream tomatoes really brings out their flavour.

Add to salads or serve with fish.

Vine ripe

taste the difference large vine tomatos

Ripened on the vine for a fuller flavour these tomatoes offer a true home grown taste experience. Two sizes large and medium to cater for every occasion. Ideal sliced in a salad or roasted.

Jubilee tomatoes with a crust

Roasted Jubilee with a fresh herb crust

Top these tasty tomatoes with a herby breadcrumb mixture to make a simple starter or side.


A Tuscan speciality, this salad is so delicious you’ll suspect it’s not a salad.


Large Plum

ruby jewel tomatos

Largest of the plum family – thick skins and robust flesh not recommended for salads but perfect for cooking as they contain less water than an average tomato. Ideal for sauces. Look for our British Ruby Jewel sold on the vine for a richer flavour.

homemade tomato sauceTomato pasta sauce

Use Plum tomatoes to try this easy tomato sauce recipe for quick pasta dishes, meatballs or topping pizza.
Freeze ahead and you’ll always have some to hand.


Beef tomatoes

Large, plump and juicy beef tomatoes are the classic slicing tomato for salads and sandwiches.

lamb burger

Lamb Burger

Top homemade lamb patties with feta, juicy tomatoes and crisp iceberg lettuce to make the ultimate burger.



Classic round

These are your honest-to-goodness every day tomatoes that are averagely sized and pleasingly round. Extremely versatile and cost effective and can be added to salads, sauces or slipped into a sandwich.

tomato tart

Super quick tomato tart

You can have this easy, tasty tart on the table in just half an hour





A colour full range of tomatoes specially selected for their unique appearance, and flavour. Perfect in a features salad check out our heritage tomato recipe.

heritage tomato salad Heritage Tomato Salad 

These sun-soaked heritage tomatoes give this salad an extra special flavour




See some more tomato recipes and shop our tomato range online now.