Meet our egg producer

Planting trees in the areas our hens roam was the idea of one farmer and this has grown into a huge success, thanks to your support. Every time you by eggs, chicken or turkey carrying the Woodland Trust logo from Sainsbury’s, we make a donation to the Woodland Trust to help plant more native trees for chickens to happily forage beneath.


Happier hens

The idea

‘Hens instinctively seek cover from predators, like buzzards, beneath trees where they like to dust bathe and forage, so planting more trees for them was the obvious answer,’ says John. His ideas were recognised by the Woodland Trust and in 2004 the range of higher-welfare eggs, chicken and turkey was launched – exclusive to Sainsbury’s.

1.3 million happy hens

Now over 180 farms produce our eggs and, with donations from the products you buy going to the Woodland Trust, you have helped to plant over 2.5 million native trees and to improve the lives of 1.3 million free-range chickens.

One happy farmer

So how does John feel when he sees the eggs instore? ‘Absolutely chuffed,’ he says. ‘I’m so proud of how big the brand has grown. It goes to show simple ideas are often the best.’

The egg farmers

Track your eggs

Our egg tracker helps you find the farm where your eggs are from. Find the unique number on your carton of eggs and enter it into the egg tracker.

Track your egg

There are dozens of dishes you can make using eggs, from the ultimate smoked salmon and scrambled eggs to easy frittatas, airy cakes and muffins.