Milk magic

Milk magic – 10 things you never knew about milk

  1. Want your cow to produce more milk? Play them Lou Reed’s Perfect Day or a bit of REM… they love it.
  2. It would take 7 billion pints of milk to fill Wembley Stadium.
  3. Milk is 87% water – maybe that’s why Cleopatra liked to bathe in it.
  4. Mums-to-be should eat dairy as the calcium in milk, cheese and yogurt helps babies’ teeth and bones to develop normally.
  5. The average person in the UK drinks 82 litres (144 pints) of milk a year.
  6. The average tea maker can produce 20 cups of tea from a pint of milk.
  7. The milk bottle was invented in 1884 – before that, milkmen used to fill customer’s jugs direct from the churn.
  8. Each cow produces on average 39 pints of milk a day.
  9. It used to take a person 1 hour to milk 6 cows by hand – today we can milk 100 cows an hour with state-of-the-art milking machines.
  10. Cows have accents. Honest. Farmers report that their cows have slightly different moos depending on which herd they’re from. And, they can smell things from six miles away.

Behind the Sainsbury’s dairy farm

Take a look behind our dairy farms to get to know what goes on. For a closer look, click the image below.

Fact about milk

Things you never knew about the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group (SDDG) farms:

  1. 281 farmers in Great Britain.
  2. 199 cows on average per farm.
  3. 1.6 million litres of milk produced on average by each farm each year.
  4. 8220 litres of milk produced on average per cow per year.
  5. 480 million litres of milk bought by Sainsbury’s from our farmers on average each year.
  6. 9000kg of food chomped by each cow per year.
  7. months – How often we check what we pay our dairy farmers to ensure the price they get reflects their production costs.
  8. 97% of our By Sainsbury’s fresh milk comes from the farmers in our Dairy Development group.
  9. 5 different breeds of dairy cows used to produce our milk including Jerseys, Cross Bred Montbelliards, Ayreshire, Freisian and Holsteins.
  10. 9 of our farmers from the SDDG are from Northern Ireland.
  11. 13 regions across the country where you’ll find our farms.

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* ‘Stats exclude Northern Ireland (NI) except 10 and 11. Our 9 NI farmers are the only SDDG members that are part of a CO-OPERATIVE so do not receive the Cost of Production (COP) price’.
‘97% of our By Sainsbury’s fresh milk comes from the farmers in our Dairy Development group. We always try to buy all of the milk that our farmers produce, but the amount of milk a cow produces is not the same throughout the year. At certain points in the year (particularly in the winter), our farmers don’t produce enough milk so we need to source other milk from other farms. In spring/summer when production is high, we always buy as much milk as we need to meet our customers’ demand’.