Nectar frequently asked questions

Not sure how to start collecting and spending your Nectar points, or how to check your account? Read on for all you need to know.


Collecting points

How many Nectar points can I collect at Sainsbury’s?

You can earn:

  • 1 Nectar point for every £1 qualifying spend* instore/online from 00:00 on 11 April 2015
  • 1 Nectar point for every litre of fuel purchased in Sainsbury’s fuel stations
  • Nectar points are calculated on your transaction total, that’s after any discounts

For further information visit

*Nectar points are not available on the following limited range of Sainsbury’s goods and services: savings stamps, car park tickets, vending machines, cash back, postage stamps, gift vouchers, baby milk products, lottery tickets, tobacco kiosk, proprietary medicine, spirits and liqueurs, mobile phone cards and mobile phone vouchers. Points are also not available in Sainsbury’s concessions or franchises. Points cannot be earned on any element of a transaction which is paid for by redeeming points.


Where can I collect Nectar points?

You can collect points at Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s Bank, BP, Expedia and Hertz as well as many other retailers.

You can also collect points online with hundreds of retailers when you shop through including eBay, Asos, and Easyjet.

Download the Nectar Yahoo Toolbar so you never forget to use your Nectar card. It will also give you bonus points on everyday searches too.

More about collecting Nectar points


When can I start earning points?

You can start collecting points straight away by picking up a Nectar card instore. Alternatively, you can register for a Nectar card at and this will be sent out within a few days.

Collecting points


Spending points

Can I spend my Nectar points in any Sainsbury’s store?

Yes. If you’ve swiped instore recently you’ll be able to spend your Nectar points automatically. If you want to spend your Nectar points somewhere you’ve not swiped before you can still spend your points, just tell a Sainsbury’s colleague and they can help out.

Find your nearest Sainsbury’s store


How do I spend my Nectar points?

There are lots of different places and ways you can spend your points.

You can spend straight from your card by swiping it at Sainsbury’s, Vue Cinemas and Argos or you can spend them online at on great things like holidays, hotels and days out.

Visit for details

How to spend your points


Can I earn points when I shop with Sainsbury’s online – and is it possible to spend points online too?

You can earn 1 point per £1 spent online – but don’t forget register a Nectar card when you shop.

You can also spend your Nectar points online. Redeem your points on an Evoucher first and then use this at the checkout. Visit for more details.

Nectar website – help


Can I pay for my entire shop with Nectar points?

Nectar points can be spent in 500 points blocks, so you can spend up to the nearest £2.50 of your shop using your Nectar points.

More places to spend your points


My Nectar Card

How do I register my Nectar card?

Nectar will require your details so you are able to spend points and receive offers.

Register online at, it will only take a few minutes.

Activate your account


Why do I have to register?

You need to register before you can redeem points and claim rewards. You can do this by calling the Nectar helpline on 0344 811 0 811 or visiting

More about registering a Nectar card


How can I check the balance of my Nectar account?

Your till receipt from any Sainsbury’s store you’ve shopped at with your Nectar card in the last 12 months will show the opening points balance on your account plus the points earned on your current shop and the closing balance.

  • Till receipts from other stores will only show the points earned on the current transaction
  • Nectar balances are updated every 72 hours, so recent transactions may not be included
  • You can also check your balance at

More about Nectar points


What should I do if I lose my Nectar Card(s)?

If you lose your card, report it immediately to the Nectar Helpline on 0344 811 0 811, between 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For further queries, please visit or call Nectar on 0344 811 0 811. Calls are charged at national rate and may be recorded for quality, training, audit and security purposes.


How long does it take to register?

This takes 24 hours if you’ve registered online and up to two weeks if you’ve sent your form by post. Once this is complete, you’re ready to start claiming rewards.

Why did my Sainsbury’s till receipt show my Nectar points balance as zero?

This could happen for a number of reasons:

  • Has your Nectar account been registered? This could take up to 28 days from receipt of the registration form
  • Registration may be delayed if there is any missing information on your registration form – call 0344 811 0 811 or visit to check
  • Check you’ve used your Nectar Card at least once at this Sainsbury’s store in the last 12 months
  • Have you moved and not given Nectar your latest address?


I’ve heard that there is now a new Nectar key tag available. How can I get one?

This is a smaller, more convenient version of your Nectar Card to go on your keyring.

To order one, contact Nectar on 0344 811 0 811 or under card requests in the ‘my account’ section of


I handed in a coupon – why didn’t the bonus points appear on my Sainsbury’s till receipt?

From time to time, we may send you coupons which you can hand in at the checkout to earn bonus Nectar points. These points won’t show up on your receipt straight away, as it takes up to 28 days for them to be allocated to your Nectar account.


I’ve moved, how do I update my details on my Nectar account?

You can update your account details by calling the Nectar helpline on 0344 811 0 811 or by visiting


My till receipt has changed. Why?

We’ve changed the way you view your Nectar details to make it clearer, simpler and easier. All the same information is there, just in a slightly different format.

See our guide to get to know your Nectar points on your shopping receipt


Nectar has changed at Sainsbury’s

We let our customers know in October 2014 that we would be making some changes to the Nectar scheme. This was to ensure it was clear what changes we were making well ahead of time.

We’ve now changed the way you earn Nectar points, you’ll earn 1 point for every £1* you spend instore and online at Sainsbury’s. You’ll also no longer receive 1 Nectar point for every bag you reuse instore.

While this means you’ll earn fewer points on your shopping, you’ll still earn 1 point per litre of fuel as before. Plus, we’ll be bringing you lots of new opportunities to boost your balance faster.

More value when you spend points

At key times across the year, like Christmas, we’ll be holding bigger and better Double Up events to help give you great value when we know it matters most to you.


Is the value of the Nectar points on my card going to change?

No, the value of points is not changing, You’ll still get £2.50 off for every 500 points.


Is there a difference in value of my points between instore and online?

No, they will remain the same.


When is this change happening?

These changes occurred on 11 April 2015 with new offers over the course of the year. We let customers know in October 2014 so that it was clear what changes we were making well ahead of time.


Is there a problem with Nectar?

No. Nectar is a valued partner of Sainsbury’s and has been for the past 13 years. 16 million Nectar cardholders regularly shop with us and Nectar is an important part of our offer to customers. We’ve taken a look at how the scheme works to help you get the maximum benefit from Nectar. We have one of the most competitive loyalty schemes on the market considering the scope of places you can collect and redeem points. You can collect Nectar points at a variety of places, including eBay, Expedia, Virgin Trains and over 500 eShops.


Are you taking points away for reusing carrier bags?

Yes we have removed this as part of a wider review of our Nectar offering to customers.


Why is there a 5p charge coming in for taking your carrier bags?

In response to the 5p levy on single use bags brought in by respective governments in Wales (Oct 2011), Northern Ireland (Apr 2013) and Scotland (Oct 2014), we withdrew single use carrier bags in our stores there. This is already in effect. A levy is expected to come in for England later this year. Bags are still used for online orders, so we charge for them at a flat rate of 40p per order. Money from the levies raised in Sainsbury’s stores will go to charity.


Why are you doing this?

We’ve seen a change in customer behaviour that suggests customers are generally reusing bags without taking the ‘one Nectar point’ reward, which is why we’re removing it as we look at different ways to reward customers for using Nectar.


Why do you still charge me for bags if I order online? I don’t need them if you’re bringing groceries to my door.

Plastic bags are still needed as part of the delivery process. They make it easier for our grocery online colleagues to transport certain items safely and hygienically from our stores to your fridge.

* Qualifying spend excludes infant formula, tobacco and related products, spirits and liqueurs, gift vouchers, savings or postage stamps, mobile phone vouchers, phone cards or charity products.

^ Base points on fuel are 1 point per litre of fuel purchased at Sainsbury’s petrol stations.