Our organic bakery & groceries

From farm to shelf

All our Sainsbury’s SO organic bakery and grocery products are made with with organically farmed ingredients. Our extensive range includes all your everyday store cupboard essentials, from baked beans and tinned tomatoes to biscuits and peanut butter.

Nuts about peanut butter


We work with Duerr’s, the oldest family-run preserve maker in England, to produce our Sainsbury’s SO organic Smooth Peanut Butter and Sainsbury’s SO organic Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Pure Fresh Farm, Duerr’s’ major organic peanut supplier based in Inner Mongolia, employs skilled farmers who produce more than 3,000 tonnes of organic peanuts every year.

Harvesting usually takes place in October, when machinery is used to remove the main root of the peanut plant before lifting the bush from the ground. The peanuts are then left to dry before the peanut pods are removed by hand.

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Did you know?

  1. Our Sainsbury’s SO organic peanut butters are made up of organic peanuts, sugar, salt and palm oil.
  2. Peanuts grow best in light loam soil, which contains more nutrients than sandy soil. Peanuts require five months of warm weather and an annual rainfall of 20-39 inches, or the equivalent in irrigation water.
  3. Each year, we use 120 tonnes of organic peanuts in our Sainsbury’s SO organic peanut butters.

The story continues

When the peanuts land on British soil, they are milled together before being blended with the other ingeredients. The result is delicious Sainsbury’s SO organic peanut butter.

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