Meet The Farmers

We believe that great-tasting pork begins at the farm. That’s why all fresh pork sold in our stores is 100% British and is farmed with the highest of welfare standards. Let’s meet some of the farmers who help to make this happen…

Pork farmers - meet the Morgans

Meet The Morgans

Dave Morgan, his wife and two daughters are all passionate about innovation in animal welfare. In a joint venture with us, their Concept Pig Farm was set up in East Yorkshire in 2009 as a long term project to trial breeding, feeding and husbandry techniques.

Their first ever scheme looked at an alternative indoor farrowing system which allowed breeding sows to give birth without confinement, a technique which has been approved by the RSPCA’s Freedom Foods standard.

We continue to work closely with the Morgan family to improve, develop and innovate new systems that have pig welfare at the very heart. We believe contented pigs produce quality pork our customers can buy with confidence.

Meet David Fulton


David’s been farming for 22 years, owning and managing his family’s farm in Northern Ireland. He’s a member of our Pork Steering Group, and one of a group of Northern Irish farmers helping us meet our commitment to British pork. David was one of the first farmers to introduce higher welfare ‘free-farrowing’ for his sows, and mills his own feed on the farm to help ensure the quality for his animals.

British farming


We have a strong heritage of British pig farming and we’re committed to ensuring a sustainable future in partnership with our farmers.

Of course, knowing where your pork comes from is a major part of ensuring the best quality meat, but it doesn’t stop there. Working closely with our dedicated Pork Development Group, we’ve been able to develop plans dedicated to maintaining high farming standards of health, feed and welfare.

As part of this initiative, we created two concept farms – one in East Yorkshire, run by Dave Morgan and his family, and the other based near Belfast run in partnership with Malcolm Keys and Dunbia. These concept farms allow new higher welfare innovations to be honed, trialed and developed now and in the future.

Keeping our fresh pork and sausages 100% British is just one part of a number of commitments we have delivered in our 20 by 20 plan. These are our own sustainability targets which include helping our dairy, meat and poultry farmers to improve farm performance and reduce our footprint on the environment.

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