Product guidance lists

Shopping with an allergy or intolerance can be difficult, especially if you are newly diagnosed. To help make life easier, we provide product guidance lists of Sainsbury’s own brand products that are made without certain ingredients such as milk, egg, nuts, peanuts and gluten. These are updated on a monthly basis so come back every month to get the latest list.

Product Guidance Lists, for people avoiding allergens

Sainsbury’s product guidance lists are updated every few months. However, they should be used as a guide only, as while every care has been taken in their compilation the products listed may be subject to subsequent changes in supplier, recipe or allergen information.

Sainsbury’s cannot accept liability for the consequences of such change and advise you to always check the ingredients list of all foods and drink at the time of purchase, to ensure that the product is suitable for you.

This month’s Product Guidance Lists

Click on the links below to download a list of products suitable for you, including guidance on how to make shopping at Sainsbury’s easier.

For people avoiding:


Nuts | Peanuts | Nut & peanuts

Nuts, peanuts & eggs | Eggs

Milk (including lactose) & egg

Milk (including lactose)

Milk (including lactose) & gluten

Gluten | Wheat gluten


Fish | Shellfish (crustaceans & molluscs)

Vegetarian & vegan product lists:

Vegan | Vegan (including beer, wine & spirits)

Vegetarian | Vegetarians avoiding gluten

Vegetarian (including beer, wine & spirits)


Please note:
By clicking on the links above you’ll be able to download a PDF file for storage and printing on your own PC.

The most up to date allergy information is always on the product packaging.

For printing purposes, please be aware that some of these guides are fairly extensive in length (most are between 20 and 40 pages long).

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