Register your Nectar card

If you’ve picked up a Nectar card instore you’ll need to register it so we can ensure you receive our personalised offers. You can register online or by calling the Nectar Helpline on 0344 811 0 811.

Why should I register my Nectar card?

By registering your Nectar card you can:

  • Boost your balance with personalised bonus offers available online at and the Nectar app.
  • Check how many points you have and what you could save towards
  • Spend points with your favourite brands

How can I register my Nectar Card?

It’s easy to register your Nectar card and can be done quickly online.

1. Visit to register your card
2. Enter your card number in the ‘Register your card’ field
3. Follow the on screen instructions and enter all of your details
4. Nectar will then send you a link to activate the account online and allow you to log in

Once you’ve registered online you can also shop with Nectar eShops. What will you save for?

Nectar website – register Nectar card