Sainsbury’s SO organic dairy

All our SO organic eggs and milk come from British farms and we work with some of the UK’s best cheesemakers, like the Alvis family from Somerset.

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Bringing you the best

We’re proud to have been the first supermarket to start selling own-brand organic milk – and we work with some of the UK’s best organic dairy farmers and cheesemakers so that you can enjoy tasty organic dairy produce.

Three generations of cheesemakers

The Alvis family (including John Alvis Sr, pictured above) has made Cheddar at Lye Cross Farm for three generations. Their Somerset farm is just seven miles from the village of Cheddar. Johnny and Peter Alvis have 250 organic dairy cows, and turn their milk into Sainsbury’s SO organic mature Cheddar.

The cows at Lye Cross Farm are reared without the routine use of drugs and antibiotics, and enjoy a varied natural diet of clover, wheat, forage rape and stubble turnips.The cows also have their own ‘health plan’, including homeopathic remedies, to keep the use of antibiotics and other drugs to an absolute minimum.

Conservation is an important part of organic dairy farming and life at Lye Cross Farm. The Alvis’s have planted more than 12,000 trees in the last 15 years and cut the hedges on alternate sides to encourage bird habitats.

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More from our farmer

The Alvis’s believe that the better their animals are looked after, the more milk they produce to turn into delicious, traditionally made mature Cheddar.

  1. Milk was one of the first products we launched in our own-brand organic range.

  2. Organic milk can naturally contain higher levels of Omega 3s than conventional milk because the cows are fed on a diet of natural grasses.
  3. Sainsbury’s SO organic 4-pint semi-skimmed milk is our top selling organic milk product.

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