Sainsbury’s SO organic fruit & veg

It’s never been easier to make the switch to fresh, organic produce with our extensive range of Sainsbury’s SO organic fruit and veg.

Fresh from the farm

We are continually supporting British farmers to grow more organic crops. One such farmer is John Taylor, who runs his business from Manor Farm in Norfolk and has been farming organically for 10 years.

Meet the producer

After farming conventionally for many years, carrot farmer John, from Perthshire, Scotland, decided to ‘go organic’ and has been growing a wide variety of organic veg ever since. Using farms across England and Scotland, John’s company, Taylor Grown, is our main supplier of Sainsbury’s SO organic carrots and swedes. Each farm has a seven-year rotation, which includes resting the land every five years.

Soil is the most valuable resource in organic fruit and veg production, and John uses green clover crops to ensure the soil is producing premium produce. John is always on the lookout for natural production methods to adopt into his farming practice.

One such method is planting wildflowers in wide strips around the edge of his fields. The wildflowers act as a natural pest control attracting insects, such as ladybirds to avoid damage to his crop.

Did you know:

  1. Carrots, apples and bananas are among our most popular Sainsbury’s SO organic fruit and vegetables.

  2. Sainsbury’s sources as much of its organic potatoes, carrots, apples and onions within Britain as possible.
  3. Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for 50% more bees, birds, wild flowers and butterflies than other farming systems.

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