Eat your way around England on St. George’s Day

Dragon slaying? That’s so yesterday. Celebrate St. George’s Day on 23 April 2014 by eating your way around England. From Sussex pond pudding and Shropshire fidget pie to Chelsea buns and Stilton, we’ve collected the nation’s favourite dishes – plus lots of tasty local produce – for you to try. Happy St. George’s Day!

North England

Home to crumbly Wensleydale cheese, Lancashire hotpot and traditional pease pudding, the North of England is a tempting larder. Try rustling up some Eccles cakes, which first rose to fame in Greater Manchester back in the 1790s, or a fantastic giant Yorkshire pudding, which you can serve an entire roast dinner in!


The Midlands

Known as the ‘king of English cheeses’, Stilton is smooth, bold, complex, and delicious in asparagus and Stilton tarts. The Midlands is also famed for Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are great for packed lunches and picnics, as is the traditional Shropshire fidget pie. And don’t forget Bakewell tart, a slightly different version to the classic dish of Bakewell pudding ….rumoured to have first been made by accident!


East Anglia

It might be known as the ‘breadbasket of Britain’ but East Anglia offers plenty more. Potted crab is a regional speciality, while Norfolk plough pudding has traditionally been served to mark the start of spring ploughing. For afters, try Cambridge burnt cream, a heavenly combination of sugar, cream and vanilla.


South East

From jellied eels to Eton mess, London and the home counties have something to suit all tastes. The Chelsea bun makes a rich, fruity treat, while watercress soup makes the most of this peppery leaf, most famously grown in Hampshire. Sussex pond pudding and Gypsy tart are great for rounding off dinner.


South West

Cheese and cream rule in the South West corner of England, where Cheddar has been made for over 800 years. You’ll find the home of Double Gloucester  here too, along with Cornish clotted cream which is famed for topping scones. Distinguished by that famous crimped edging, Cornish pasties are the ultimate portable meaty meal.


The great English menu

Whether you’re celebrating St. George’s Day, or just love tucking into traditional English dishes, our menu plans are packed with fond favourites. Try our St. George’s Day meat free menu for vegetarian inspiration, or whet your appetite with our St. George’s day classic menu.