Super-quick hair hacks for girls

School mornings can be a rush at the best of times, but add to that the hunt for the next kid-approved hairstyle for your girl that doesn’t tip you into the late zone and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands.

Keep it interesting with these quick and fun variations of the classic braid.

Crown braids

If you’re in a rush, these crown braids won’t slow you down. To create this simple Grecian inspired hairstyle, divide the hair into two sections with a centre parting.

Plait both sides, secure with a band and pin up.


The braid-within-a-braid

This is a deceptively ‘complicated’ look that might just fool your fellow school gate mums into thinking you’re a professional!

To create this look, start by gathering hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and separate off a thin section. Braid this section to the bottom and tie.

Then plait the whole ponytail as you would normally, integrating the smaller plait into one of the three sections.

Make sure you leave a similar thin section out of the ponytail whilst braiding as this will later wrap around the top hair tie for a professional finish.

The triple topsy-turvy

Try the topsy-turvy for a super quick and easy hair hack. Simply divide hair into three, from top to bottom, and tie each section.

Roll the top ponytail into itself (upside down) and then tuck into the ponytail below.

Repeat with other sections until they are all tucked into one ponytail.

Now that you’ve got these hacks down to a T, try these advanced hair hacks for girls.