About Christmas in a Day

A peep into the homes of families up and down the country at Christmas

Christmas in a Day is a beautifully moving document of who we were on 25th December 2012. Created by Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald and Scott Free Productions, the film presents one of the few moments in the calendar when the whole nation steps back from ordinary life.


Made possible by Sainsbury’s, the film was an experiment that might at the very least reveal something interesting about how Britain really celebrates Christmas, and in fact led to a remarkable insight into people’s lives and what matters most to them.


The film is created from over 400 hours of festive footage submitted by people from all over the UK and supported by a series of trailers, appearing on TV from November 13th. The launch of the film on YouTube will follow a special premiere when the film will be presented to the filmmakers who have contributed.


Film director Kevin Macdonald explained “My hope was that the film could be a unique and real way of revealing how Britain celebrates Christmas, which is why it was so important to me to receive footage from everywhere – from people’s homes, hospitals, the homeless and from all over the country.

“I was overwhelmed with the creativity and enthusiasm of people wanting to submit their own films and I feel that the finished film that everyone will be able to see on 29th November stands out for many reasons. It’s well-observed, funny, moving, and, above all, truthful.”


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