Vegan & vegetarian product labelling

All our vegetarian and vegan products are marked with our easy to spot green logos. Some products are marked with the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark, too.

Look out for the vegetarian and vegan logos on packs

Vegetarian and vegan on-pack logos

Making shopping easier

With our green vegetarian and vegan logos you can easily spot whether a product is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Whether you’re in a rush or cooking for veggie friends, our logos will help keep shopping simple.

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Where our label will not appear

We don’t label products which are obviously vegan or vegetarian, where our customers have indicated that labelling is unnecessary. These include plain waters, plain vegetables and unseasoned flours.

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Where to find the labels on packs

Vegetarian and vegan logos will always be displayed clearly, but may appear in different places on packs. This depends on the size and shape of the product, and other information that needs to be displayed.

Back of pack nutrition information

Where space is tight on pack the following statement will be included instead:

  • ‘Suitable for vegetarians’
  • ‘Suitable for vegans’.

Vegetarian Society Approved trademark

Look out for the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark on packs of Sainsbury’s vegetarian products. As well as being meat-free, products labelled with this logo must also contain free-range eggs, where eggs are used.

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Did you know…

  1. There are different types of vegetarians? Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs, while lacto-vegetarians eat dairy but no eggs.
  2. Vegans do not eat eggs, dairy products or any other animal products including honey.
  3. The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark is the UK’s most widely recognised vegetarian symbol.

Product guidance lists

Download our free guide to see what vegetarian and vegan products are available online and instore, to help you find what you need when you next shop.

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