Woodland Trust

We’ve been working closely with the Woodland Trust since 2004 – and you’ve been a part of this relationship, too. Every time you buy Woodland eggs, chicken or turkey we make a donation to the Woodland Trust to help plant more native trees.

John and Mandy

We work closely with all our UK farmers  in our Egg Development Group:

  • Ensuring trees planted close to the house to encourage the hens outside to range.
  • Ensuring RSPCA Freedom Food standard are approved.
  • Farms are planted with trees which cover at least 20% of the range area where the birds are free to roam outdoors.
  • Farms are planted with a mixture of fast growing and slower native trees which are indigenous to the local area.

Woodland Trust infographic

Sainsbury’s free-range eggs

Hens that lay our free-range eggs roam free with lots of tree cover. The idea came from John Widdowson, a Devon farmer who noticed that his hens preferred spending their time under trees. Now, every time you buy a dozen free-range eggs, we make a donation to the Woodland Trust.

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